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The SWINGSET MAMAS have been sharing their award winning music with families and school communities for over 20 years. Their energetic live shows, workshops, picture books and videos combine music with visuals and movement - engaging and connecting people of all ages and abilities. The Swingset Mamas perform all across the country connecting diverse audiences with uplifting, singable, danceable tunes and musical messages of acceptance and inclusion. Drawing on their experience as parents and educators, Marlowe and Lizzie, empower and activate audiences by infusing their playful, inspiring tunes with interactive and meaningful learning concepts.

MARLOWE BECHMANN uses music as an educational learning tool both online and in the classroom to enhance learning, communication and social skills.  Working with special education teachers, SLPs and students, she creates songs and music videos that are designed to be accessible to the special education community by using AAC symbols, visuals, coping skills, joint attention, manipulatives, gross motor movements and more. (see Music with Ms. Marlowe tab for more info)

LIZZIE SWAN has spent 30 years engaging audiences of all ages with her captivating vocal style and dynamic presence. It was while working with the elderly as a creative arts specialist that she first learned to harness the power of music to heal, teach and connect people of all ages and abilities. In addition to her work as an early childhood educator and performing with the Swingset Mamas, Lizzie is also a ritual song leader and cantorial soloist.  She has recorded two award winning Jewish Music albums with the Hebrew Wizards Family Band. Two of her songs were recently chosen to be in the Manginot-Complete Jewish Songbook for Children.  Lizzie is also a seasoned rock n roll veteran.  You can catch her jamming at rock clubs and festivals in the bands Swivel Chair and Fingersleeve.  

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