A Bird in the House Book: $15.00

This classic Swingset Mamas song makes the perfect sing-a-long storybook. With 14 Beautifully illustrated pages by Terry Shanahan, the pictures tell the story about a bird that flies into the house during family time with friends.  Listen to the Bird in the House song   and   Order the Bird in the House Book


I Can Eat a Rainbow Book: $15.00

This upbeat reggae song by the Swingset Mamas will captivate your listening ears while 26 pages of amazing illustrations by Terry Shanahan will create a fantasy world of fruits and vegetables that make eating healthy fun!  This storybook will quickly become a family favorite.  Listen to the song  and Order Colors of the Rainbow Book


 Pickle Macaroni Book: $15.00

Pickle Macaroni is a whimsical silly rhyming song that deals with overcoming frustration and attitude re-adjustment with fun lyrics and a catchy melody.  With 20 pages of captivating Illustrations by Michigan artist Jeremy Harvey, Pickle Macaroni is sure to be a favorite!!  Arguably our most requested song in preschool and elementary music groups, listen to this unoffical recording or make your own!  Order Pickle Macaroni



Swing, Dance and Sing DVD: $15.00  

This award-winning DVD features 15 engaging and entertaining music videos! 

WATCH Swing, Dance and Sing VIDEO clips now 

READ A REVIEW      and   ORDER Swing, Dance and Sing DVD



Mamamorphosis CD – $10.00

mamamorphosissmallWinner of a 2011 Parents Choice award, Mamamorphosis is the latest collection of songs from the award winning Swingset Mamas.  The CD contains 14 rollicking pop-rock tunes that stay true to the Mamas’ signature range of extensive stylistic grooves.
$10.00   Listen to Mamamorphosis   and Order Mamamorphosis  






Dance Around the House CD: $10.00

dancearoundthehouse-medThis iParenting award-winning CD includes a mix of reggae-meets-upbeat tunes and slow, rhythmic songs.

LISTEN to Dance Around the House   and ORDER CD






Music for the Whole Family CD: $10.00 

CD1 Music for the whole familyThis debut Swingset Mamas CD shares the musical experience of being a new parent and enjoying family life.

LISTEN to Music for the Whole Family CD    and ORDER CD