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“Songwriting and recording duo Marlowe Bechmann and Lizzie Swan celebrate the daily wonders of growing up in 15 catchy tunes and clever vignettes….”
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~ Nick
“The SwingSet Mamas Swing Dance and Sing DVD is an entertaining video that is comprised of entertaining songs written by real life moms. The music is upbeat and fun, the lyrics are catchy and often have an ‘educational’ component….these lively performers will have the little ones dancing and singing, not simply watching.”
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~Parents Choice Award and Review
“This is one of the most engaging music video pieces I’ve ever seen! Their songs provide great joy and a real family experience.”
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~2008 NAPPA Awards
Swingset Mamas create a mix of rock and musical styles that may keep Mom and Dad sane in those early months. These two know their subject, approaching motherhood with fun and grace….”
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“Music has the power to bring people together and bridge communication gaps, and no one knows this better than Marlowe Bechmann.”

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~iParenting: Mom of the Month

“Preschoolers will have so much fun singing and dancing to these songs, they won’t even realize how much they’re learning! Advice and information about everything from getting dressed to buckling seatbelts is set to an infectious beat, and may have little ones swaying their hips and singing lyrics like ‘Oranges full of vitamin C keep the runny nose away from me.’ Blending rock and world music, these mamas rock!
~Lois Alter Mark, Flicks for Kids Expert

“It’s doubtful that toddlers and younger elementary-age children will rest for a moment while watching, dancing to and singing along with the DVD …  As for the music itself, the Swingset Mamas have clear voices that harmonize beautifully. This is the type of kids’ music that will inspire parents to hum along, rather than cringe, hoping for the day their tot turns to another musical obsession.”
~Laura Tiffany, Home Media Magazine

“This duo of moms won an iParenting Media Award a couple of years ago for their music. Now the Mamas are releasing a DVD using costumed characters, animation and kids to illustrate such songs as “Buckle Up”, “Sunscreen Dance” and “Dance Around the House”.” Its primary target audience is the under-8 set.”
~Curt Fields

“Kids will enjoy performing along with the singing mamas and other kids as they listen to songs about healthy eating, reading, buckling up and more.”
~Carey Bryson