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The Swingset Mamas are available to bring their rockin’ show to your school, family event or party.

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concertpic-2014-small[/one_half]A Swingset Mamas show is an unforgettable energetic family dance party that builds an atmosphere of joy by playfully incorporating movement, call and response singing, and American Sign Language, while providing an interactive way to reinforce song concepts, creating a shared social experience, and adding to the family fun!


School programs and assemblies

“The Swingset Mamas have a powerful energy that engages children and families to sing along and relay the message of peace, unity and love. Their fresh and catchy tunes allowed the families of Hebrew Wizards to join in the songs, use our hands to sign and our bodies to dance to their catchy SWINGSET MAMA MELODIES. We love the Mamas!”
~Deborah Soloman – Founder Hebrew Wizards Greenwich, Connecticut
The Swingset Mamas are available to do both large and small school performances.  Large performances (up to 300 students) can be geared to be appropriate for pre-K – 8th.  Individual grade performances can be designed to fit your curriculum and given in smaller segments with each class (up to 40) or together at one time with the whole grade level (up to 100).

All Swingset Mamas performances are highly interactive and include call and response,  American Sign Language, and exposure to different musical styles.   Themes include: Literacy, Seasons, Weather, Bugs, Animals, Inclusion, Peace,  Nutrition, Time, and much more…..

Check out some of our program options below.

Fun with Music, Literacy and Sign Language - General Program - Pre-K - 5th grade
Students learn how everyday life events can be turned into song.  The actual books made from the songs will be read, sung and explored by age appropriateness (beginning/middle/end, main character, etc).  Students will be taught and use American Sign Language to add another level of meaning to songs, as well as explore the joy of reading, sequencing, story-telling and sharing musical stories.
Ability Awareness and Inclusion Program
Geared toward a typical or blended audience, this program teaches children about awareness and inclusion through fun music participation and American Sign Language.  Children and teachers love learning the American Sign Language and the meaning becomes deeper as they “Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes.”  Song themes include peace,  ability awareness, inclusion, acceptance and celebration of differences.
Interactive Music for a Blended Ability Audience
Perfect for an after-school social group!  Students of all ability levels will participate together in a fun, exciting music experience with the Swingset Mamas.  Students will learn American Sign Language and participate in movement and songs that range from inclusion to Bugs, Dancing Around the House, eating the Colors of the Rainbow and much more.  This musical experience will foster friendship as well as build social skills, fine gross motor, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and stimulate movement and laughter.
Just for Fun or The Evening Family Concert
Invite parents and siblings to come for a family concert that has interaction for the whole family. A great way to connect families through music to their school community. Families will sing and dance together in a fun and interactive music experience. Using American Sign Language and participating in singing both familiar songs as well as Swingset Mamas originals.

Teacher trainings and workshops

The Swingset Mamas give workshops to early childhood educators and that teach and provide accessible musical strategies and materials to help make learning joyful, more engaging and fun for children, their extended families and educators.

Topics include musical strategies to:

  • Create Rituals, Structure and Ease Transitions
  • Enhance Listening, Participation and Comprehension
  • Utilize Gross-Motor Movements (including gestures and sign language)
  • Explore Songwriting, by Recording and Adapting Familiar and Original Songs
  • Capitalize on Children’s Innate Musical Spontaneity
  • Incorporate Music Activities to Special Needs Population
  • Build Community through Inclusion and Embracing Differences
  • Encourage Musical Family Involvement at Home

Fees set by length of party, travel, and crowd size

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