Meet the Mamas

20090125_swingset_mamas_170Lizzie Swan and Marlowe Bechmann kindled their friendship singing into the night over a campfire on the beach in Montauk, NY. Marlowe, a classically trained pianist, and Lizzie, a music specialist, connected over a belief in the power of music to connect families.

In 1999, both women became mothers and shared with each other the songs they wrote to soothe their newborns. These first songs were inspired by the rhythm and realities of everyday life. A baby’s first words and steps, new family roles, growth, frustration and separation were translated into kitchen dance songs and naptime lullabies. From the soulful, “When Daddy Comes Home” to the Calypso-infused “Colors of the Rainbow,” the Mamas’ first songs tapped into the most fundamental joys and struggles of parents and their children.

The success of the first CD “Music for the Whole Family” took Lizzie and Marlowe by surprise. Requests for their music came from children and their mothers, fathers, grandparents, schools and moms’ clubs . Inspired by new children and new life phases, the Mamas continued to write and record new songs. These new songs not only satisfied them as musicians, but also filled a need for creative parenting tools. They realized that common care-giving dilemmas such as buckling kids into seatbelts or applying sunscreen lotion became less stressful for children and their parents when combined with musical solutions.

The Swingset Mamas recorded these new songs on their second CD, “Dance Around the House.” This CD was recognized with a 2005 iParenting Media Award for Outstanding Audio Product. Soon these new songs could be heard in regular rotation on Sirius/XM kids radio. The Mamas then joined forces with LA producer Rob Lynch and created a 15-song DVD entitled “Swing, Dance and Sing.” This collection of favorite Swingset Mamas songs brings the music of the Swingset Mamas colorfully to life with imaginative sets, adorable costumed characters, whimsical animation and graphics, and 35 real-life kids who invite audiences to “Swing, Dance and Sing” along with them!  The DVD was recognized with 2008 Parents’ Choice Funstuff, iParenting Media, and NAPPA awards for Outstanding Children’s Video Product. said, “Advice and information about everything from getting dressed to buckling seatbelts is set to an infectious beat, and may have little ones swaying their hips and singing lyrics like ‘Oranges full of vitamin C keep the runny nose away from me.’ Blending rock and world music, these mamas rock!”

The Mamas’ latest release, Mamamorphosis, came out in 2011 and contains 14 rollicking pop-rock tunes that stay true to the Mamas’ signature range of extensive stylistic grooves. Combining a musical gumbo of perspectives and sharing songwriting and performing duties with friends and family age 3-13, Mamamorphosis playfully explores universal themes ranging from ability awareness, self esteem, water safety, animal science, counting, telling time, good-time dance parties, rock-star dreams, magical hamsters and more….. all set to funky jams with engaging call and response parts, lively dance moves and singable, memorable tunes for kids and parents alike.

The Swingset Mamas have a strong commitment to using music as a way to spread the message of inclusion and acceptance of differences for all children and adults of all abilities. The band’s latest song and video is called “Take A Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes.”  It is inspired by Marlowe’s family and their continued journey with Autism.

News of the Swingset Mamas is being spread on playgrounds and preschools all over the world. The Mamas continue to travel to schools, community centers and music venues all over the country to give family concerts, teacher trainings, school assemblies and workshops sharing the duo’s interactive musical message of “connecting families and communities through music.”

We believe strongly that there’s a song in everything we do! Let the music of the Swingset Mamas help you uncover the music in the day-to-day life of YOUR family and community.